Watersports – Ultimate Guide to Peeing Activities

Watersports – what is it?

Watersports is a fetish that involves pee. Both men and women love water sports and it’s not as uncommon as many people think. People have their own preferences for how they like to do them and with whom. Some only enjoying giving them while others enjoy receiving them, there are some who enjoy it both ways and there are those who enjoy doing it by themselves.

There are also some people who just enjoy watching others hold it or wet themselves. It’s a kinky activity that is easy to do and can be played out in a variety of ways so it lets people try out different scenarios while they’re figuring out if this is something they truly enjoy.

Golden Showers

Golden showers are when one person urinates on or in another person. There is the person who gives the Golden shower and the person who receives it. They can be given by either urinating in their mouth or forcing them to drink it or by urinating on part of a person’s body.¬† Some people combine the two activities and urinate on someone’s face which results in them drinking it as well as having it spray over their face. A lot of men enjoy being urinated on their genitals because they’re more sensitive there and can feel the warm wetness more.¬† With women urination usually happens on their breasts and/or genitals. It’s important to make sure that you avoid the eye area because it can cause eye infections. If you’re receiving a Golden shower on the face it’s best to keep your eyes closed or make sure that your partner knows to focus around the mouth area. Golden showers are a very popular form of harmless kink and people like it for different reasons.

People that like receiving it may like the warm sensation of the urine on them while others like it for the feeling of being humiliated and treated as a human toilet. People that enjoy giving it may enjoy “marking their property” this way if they’re in a D/s situation or they may get excitement from doing something that’s seen as naughty or childish. To make clean up easy this should be done in the shower or the bathroom since they have tiled floors. Thick towels will be needed if you’re playing in bed or in a room with carpeting so that most of the urine will get soaked up by them. A mattress protector would be a good item to keep handy if you prefer doing sexual activities in bed as this will stop the urine from ruining the mattress.

Ruby Showers

Ruby showers are the same as Golden showers except that they’re done during a woman’s time of the month. This is usually seen as the most taboo type of watersport and is usually looked over in favor of more “friendly” watersports like giving or receiving a Golden shower. With Ruby showers the person receiving it is more likely to have it be done on their body instead of drinking it to prevent the spread of germs and also because the taste is different and not as clean and pleasant. Blood can carry diseases and it’s recommended that men wear condoms if receiving a Ruby shower on their genitals just to be extra cautious even though there is only a small risk of catching something. Make sure to give yourself a thorough clean after receiving a Ruby shower to get rid of germs.


(Japanese for ” weting yourself” or arousal that is caused by full bladder)

There are three ways that Omorashi can be done:

  1. Holding your urine until you’re very desperate to go
  2. Making someone else hold their urine until they’re very desperate to go
  3. Watching someone who needs to pee badly

With Omorashi the arousal comes from the desperate need to go instead of the actual act of going and is also known as “Bladder desperation” or “Pee desperation”. This type of watersport is very popular in Japan and they produce manga anime and porn films based on it. It can be done during BDSM play or as a single vanilla sex act. During BDSM play the Dominant can force the submissive to keep drinking more water while holding their bladder or do tasks such as jumping jacks or sit ups to increase the pressure and make it harder to hold.

Another common BDSM activity is for the Dominant to give the submissive a bathroom schedule and they will only be allowed to take a piss at certain times. These bathroom schedules may include drinking glasses of water or forcing the submissive to keep holding by having them go somewhere public like the grocery store or library. In vanilla play the person holding will do so for their pleasure as well as their partner’s and will decide for themselves when they’ve had enough. Their partner may participate by giving gentle encouragement by telling them that they think they can hold for a bit longer or by saying how arousing it is to see them be so desperate. To make the experience more fun the person holding may struggle to hold it in and show this by squeezing their legs together and holding themselves or by verbally saying how full they are and how bad they need to go. Having their full bladder rubbed or pressed on will make their need to go stronger as well as make them more turned on by what they’re doing so will usually incorporate into the play session. The full bladder feeling turns people on because the bladder is right on top of a bunch of nerves and it puts pressure on your vagina or prostate. One of the things that men like the most about Omorashi is when they finally go. The holding and the pressure builds up over time and after not urinating for so long the relief is stronger than usual and some men find it to be nearly as good as an orgasm. A lot of people, men and women, will masturbate during or after because the orgasm will be stronger.

I can’t say that I experienced any of these activities in my own sex life. All my knowledge comes from hundreds of stories that I’ve heard from my mistress friend that experienced almost every possible fetish on earth. My advice to beginners is to go slow, step by step. Try some of these urine activities in the shower, try to pee on your partner, then ask you partner to pee on you. See exactly what works for the both of you. ¬†Another piece of advice I can give, that you should drink plenty of fruit juices about an hour before you planned watersport activity, it makes urine taste much better. Have a nice PEE (:

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