Sqweel Go – Oral Sex Simulator Review

Sqweel go oral sex simulator

Sqweel go oral sex simulator
Vibrator “Sqweel Go” is a very unique oral sex toy.

Can a vibrator replace a man’s oral performance (cunnilingus)?

English manufacturer Sqweel Go has invented and begun selling compact oral vibrators, more specifically, pocket sized clitoral vibrators. Its small size, water resistance, and easy recharge ability can not compare with any other vibrator.
This Sqweel Go review was written from personal experience, so everything you read is said from my point of view.

Pros of Sqweel Go:

  • Super compact design
  • You can recharge it with USB
  • Water resistant (100%)
  • Pleasant material of the 10 tongues
  • 3 different speeds
  • 3 modes of stimulation

Cons of Sqweel Go:

  • Tongues move in only one direction
  • Noisy – definitely it could be much quieter
  • May be difficult to take care of
  • Slippery when wet

How Do You Use Oral Sex Stimulator Sqweel Go?

This clitoral stimulator is built in order to replace partner’s oral performance during sex. Ten soft silicone tongues can caress the clitoris in one of these modes: rapid rotation (reminds fast licks), intense throbbing, and delicate touch. Sqweel Go can be compared with the feelings of intense licking action of your sex partner. But, in contrast to the human tongue, the vibrator’s tongues never get tired. That is why it’s not only suitable for the clitoral games but also for nipples, the penis, and even the anus. To prevent tongues from drying during the use, make sure to apply a small amount of water-based lubricant before action.

Sqweel Go Material

The oral vibrator Sqweel Go is pleasant and smooth to the touch because it’s made of high quality silicone. The housing is molded from ABS-plastic and doesn’t slip in hand. All materials from which the oral stimulator is made of are safe for human use. They do not contain any toxins, phthalates, or other harmful substances. Sqweel Go is also odorless, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and tasteless.

Shape, Design, and Size of Sqweel Go

Sqweel Go is the first oral vibrator of its kind to exist in such a compact and portable form. Being only 7.5 cm long and 4.5 cm wide, it can be placed inside virtually any handbag. But note, in the beginning, you might need to adapt to holding such a small device. It might feel uncomfortable to hold it in the beginning, but over time, you will become used to the device and understand how ergonomic it is. Control buttons are located conveniently directly under the fingertips. Sqweel Go is available in three colors: pink, soft white and mysterious purple. This oral sex vibrator is not a traditional vibrating massager and that’s why if anyone will see it by a chance, they won’t even guess what it is.

Functionality of Sqweel Go

With this vibrator, you don’t need a long time to understand how to operate it. A single button controls everything – speed and modes. Just choose one of the three modes: rapid rotation, intense throbbing, or delicate touch – and adjust the speed for yourself. However, note that when the tongues are being pressured, the intensity of the stimulation is slightly reduced.


The oral sex simulator Sqweel Go can be charged through a USB (port) on your computer. If you’d like to recharge it from the regular electricity, you will need to buy another adapter separately. Recharging lasts two hours; for one hour of the vibrator work. During recharging, you cannot use the vibrator.

Care and Maintenance

Each of Sqweel Go’s ten tongues must be cleaned before each use. Since the toy is waterproof, you can wash it under the tap or use a special tool to clean sex toys that require liquid. It’s necessary for Sqweel Go to be stored in a tightly zipped package, or a case (may or may not be included with vibrator depending on where you buy). It helps prevent adhesion of dust to silicone. And don’t forget: Sqweel Go should only be used with water-based lubricants!

Sqweel Go is packaged in a white cardboard box, accompanied by an adapter for charging (USB cable) and manual. The vibrator is not supplied with a case, and since it’s in a box, it takes a lot of space.

Sqweel Go toy is for delicate and light stimulation, and for those who want to feel increased pressure on the clitoris, getting an orgasm may be difficult. Sqweel Go proves itself well, especially during foreplay. It can tease nipples much more successfully than a human partner.

A word of conclusion:

My personal experience with Sqweel Go oral sex simulator was very positive and I had a couple of massive orgasms with its help, and used it during the foreplay with my partner as well. I loved the Sqweel Go’s delicate touch and it did the work for me, but… If you need more than delicate touch on your clitoris to get you going, then this cute toy might not be enough for you! Stronger “tongues” and faster speed might be a good idea for the next model of the toy. Another something that might bother some of you is that not everyone likes to feel the breeze in the most intimate areas, although for some, it can be refreshing and arousing. The price of this amazing pocket size toy is about $60, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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