Prostate Massager Beginners Guide (P-Spot Massager)

prostate stimulatorProstate massager is a new generation of male sex toys that in addition to prostate stimulation, brings male pleasure to the new levels and causes orgasms of unbelievable pleasure. In this article, we’ll talk about this amazing toy’s different varieties, principle of operation, and how to choose and use it correctly.

As the name suggests, this massager is used for the prostate gland. You may be wondering why anyone would want to do such a thing, and here’s why: the gland is actually a very erogenous zone in the male body, which is why it possesses such high sexual sensitivity. It’s directly involved in a man’s orgasmic process and has the ability to give unusually pleasant sensations.

But the prostate massager has much more important functions, than just pleasuring you. The prostate gland plays very important role in a man’s reproductive and endocrine system. Male potency and libido depend on the healthy activity of endocrine system. Therefore, keeping this body part in good health and shape is critical, and a prostate massager improves blood circulation like nothing else, therefore improves prostate health in general. This adult toy keeps your prostate in great shape, contributes to better blood circulation toward the prostate, but the most important – prostate massager significantly increases male libido and contributes for very powerful orgasms.

Types of Prostate Massagers

Fortunately, the modern market of intimate toys for adults offers a wide range of different devices for stimulation of the prostate gland (P-Spot). The differences between them can be summed up with these criteria: shape, color, size, material, vibrating or not, massages the perineum or not.

types of prostate massagerShapes

Although the prostate massagers differ in shape, their general form allows every man to choose the most suitable toy according to his preferences adjusted to his anatomical structure.

Sizes of prostate massagers

There is a great variety of sizes to fit everyone’s anatomical preferences.


Doesn’t affect the feeling and quality of stimulation, but rather meets your personal preferences.


P-Spot stimulators are typically made from latex, silicone, Cyber Skin, medical grade plastic, or other materials. Starting with something soft and comfortable, like silicone, may be a good choice for beginners.

Vibrating prostate massagers

All prostate massagers can be either with vibration function or without it. Vibration feature allows you to create vibration that makes the stimulation more comfortable and pleasant. Vibration can be in various modes both in speed and intensity. The number and variety of these regimes depends on prostate toy’s model. As a rule, vibrating massagers are more expensive than the ordinary ones.

 Perineum Stimulation

The prostate itself can be massaged directly through the anus or indirectly through the perineum, which is why different models have additional features for the female. Some models are equipped with a spinning steal ball at their end and others affect electrical impulses, but all will provide amazing stimulation if used correctly.

How to choose a prostate massager that fits you

Majority of men like prostate massagers that are curved, it makes it so much simpler to touch the spots you want to stimulate (P-Spot). You should try pointing the curve of the anal toy in the direction of the belly button and it doesn’t matter whether you lie on your back or on your stomach.

How to decide which size is the best for you? If you’re just a beginner, start with something slim. My advice is to start slowly with small and slim toy and when you feel comfortable enough, increase the size of your toy. There are so many p-spot massager that are very close to finger width in size, which definitely helps the new guys with their first experiences. Even progressive anal lovers first warm up with slim toy and later go to the more advanced prostate toys.

Every man’s structure is different, that’s why some might prefer short toys and other prefer much longer ones. Some positions are perfect to move the prostate farther from the anus and some positions push it closer to the anus, but in most cases a massager with size of around 4 to 9 inch will be a good size to begin, and of course try different positions do decide what best works for you.

Toy Safety is Crucial

What parts of the prostate massage need to be safe? The anal toy should have smooth form, safe base that won’t let the prostate toy slide inside and the material that the toy is mane for has to be non- porous (material that doesn’t lets liquids and gas go inside it – glass and hard plastics are a good example for it).

The thing with anal toys is that it can accidentally slide into your body and you’ll need doctors’ interference (you could see examples for that in “Jackass” (: )

If you choose an anal toy that with smooth surface, you will enjoy the anal penetration much more since our anus is more sensitive and gentle than vagina. Especially if you like your toy to go in and out and not just be stuck there, your choice is definitely for a smooth toy.

Anal Penetration demands high hygiene (what you might have seen in adults movies for anal to mouth to vagina is highly not recommended if you care for your health (of course if you use different condom for every kind of penetration, it might be somehow ok).  If your prostate massager is made from anal safe material (non-porous – hard plastic, metal, glass) you can easily take care of it with hot soapy water after every session and you are ready to go.  If your toy is made from a material that doesn’t absorb liquid or gas like glass, metal, hard plastic or silicone that is safe for your body – you’re all set.

In general it is highly recommended to use condom for any anal penetration if it’s during regular sex or using toys. It will keep your toys clean and easy to clean and you without unnecessary sexual health problems. Now you are ready to go for safe enjoyable anal session!

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