Male Masturbation Toys

What Are Male Masturbation Toys?

Despite the belief that every man masturbates, masturbation has served as self-satisfaction with a bad reputation for more than 3,000 years. Religious restrictions about of Orthodox Judaism to Buddhism about traditional male masturbation were invincible. Perhaps because of their ignorance about the existence of female masturbation, women masturbation wasn’t even mentioned in the religious restrictions. You can not condemn something, in the existence of what you do not believe.

This attitude caused self-satisfaction serious problem: the guilt felt by men throughout life. Some of them believe that masturbation – a dirty and immoral action, so most men masturbate in a hurry, hiding from everyone. And it’s a great pity. Now there is such a variety of masturbation toys that will help transform the process of self-satisfaction in a real pleasure, with all the bright palette of feelings.

Male Masturbators

They are specially designed make masturbation easier and to enhance the feeling. This soft toy, very tight covering your male organ, is so much more like a vagina than a hand. In addition, they have the inside textured ribbs that enhance the stimulation and make orgasms so much stronger. Although masturbators are designed as a toy for a lonely man, more and more couples are starting to use them in their foreplay or directly for penis stimulation instead of the male or his partners hand job.

Male masturbators come in several forms, the main two are: an open end and closed. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

In open end masturbators there are openings at the both ends. This allows a very easy care of them – quickly wash and dry. There’s only one problem: try not to splash the whole room with your cum (:   In closed end masturbator there is only one opening. They are more difficult to clean, but you can be sure that you won’t leave any leftovers of sperm on the walls. Another indisputable advantage of closed end masturbator is a sucking effect that happens when you pull the penis out of the sex toy.

These masturbators come in different shapes, such as the vagina, ass, mouth, and different sizes, from small pocket size to the natural size models. Small masturbators have several advantages and are good for short-term use, easy to hide at home and when traveling. They are mainly suitable for rapid self-satisfaction. They are most often made of gel, silicone or cyber skin. Large masturbators are useful to those men who need them for a long time. They are durable and natural. In addition, they often have some of the features that enhance stimulation and pleasure.

Male Masturbators, not only the ones that simulate the bodies of famous porn stars, give the most realistic feeling. They come in different positions and many models have vaginal and anal openings for diversity.

Men, of course, in difficult times can always use their hand to pleasure themselves, but most men prefer something a bit more elastic and narrow to get an orgasm that is much stronger. Everyone knows that men get bored from doing the same over and over again. For this reason, every year there are more and more masturbators for men. Whatever he loves, soft and wet artificial vagina, whether realistic masturbator, he will always be able to choose from a wide variety of modern toys – something for both body and soul.

 Realistic vagina and ass masturbator – the best male sex toy

For most men, masturbation – it’s something very natural. No one is taught to masturbate, because the basic technique is not difficult, everything happens intuitively. But the simplicity of self-satisfaction does not exclude the possibility of getting from masturbation even greater pleasure. This can be compared to driving a car. Driving principle is very simple, and almost everyone can handle the job after some training. However, in order to show very good driving skills, there is a need for some effort and training. That’s exactly the case with masturbation.

The simplest way to diversify the process of masturbation is to watch an adult movie. Many watch adult movies to get aroused. But you can use it for more action. The favorite technique of many men is to try and imitate the action from the screen to real actions. When in the action in the movie becomes intensive, the man accelerates his movements, when the intensity slows down, man also begins to masturbate slowly. If there is an anal action in the movie, the man clenches his fists stronger, etc.

There are several techniques that will make your masturbation much more pleasurable. To do this, you need to buy some sex toys, among them, for example, a realistic vagina. The price of realistic vagina masturbators varies greatly, but still affordable. This is an amazing way to play the porn game. Using such a toy is much easier to relax and fully delve into your fantasies. The fact that a there are no hands on the penis, makes the process more enjoyable, intense and realistic, especially if you buy realistic vagina of  your favorite porn star and imagine that it is her that is pleasuring you right now!

But there is a problem with small masturbators. Still there is a need to use a hand to hold a masturbator to move a toy on your cock. There is only one kind of a small toy, to solve this problem – hands free auto masturbator. It is a powerful device for masturbation, which takes care of all the action. Simply use a lubricant, enter your penis and auto masturbator will do the rest.

Still, realistic vagina remains the best sex toy for men. We are talking mostly about silicone or rubber vaginas, often produced as exact copies of real vagina and butt of leading porn stars. These toys’ shape is exactly the same as every curve, every line of the real porn star vagina curves. It is carefully painted by hand to exactly repeat all colors and shades from the real person, and this only intensifies the pleasure men get from this toy. You can find any skin color your, whether your love European girls or Asian.

There are some models that also imitate the hands of porn stars that sensually open the lips of the realistic vagina. Inside the realistic vagina you’ll find all sorts of textured ribs and bumps, elastic airbags, lubricated bubbles that make this realistic vagina becomes much more attractive to men than even a real woman. An additional bonus of many of these toys is a vibrating bullet. It is inserted into a special section in the vagina and with the help of a remote control allows you to enjoy the vibrations of varying speed and intensity.

An indicator of the quality of a sex toy can be considered by the existence of two holes in it: vaginal and anal. The best quality toys give you the exact feeling of the reality, including the feeling that the anus is narrower than the vagina.

: nowadays sex toys are so advanced in their functionality and real feeling, that it makes very hard not to get addicted to your favorite masturbator and to forget for a couple of minutes that it’s not a real woman. Male masturbators are definitely a great experience that will give you a different and more exciting masturbation action that just using your hand once again.

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