Female Domination (Femdom) Guide – How to Dominate a Man in Bed

Femdom guide or in other words female domination guide will teach you and give you many ideas how to dominate a man in bed. Men are visual and physical creatures, they need to see it right in front of their eyes before their mind can start anticipating it. The best kind of sex for them, whether it’s vanilla or kink, is the kind that combines the two. If you play your cards right you can make a man beg for more and never get tired of what you’re doing to him.

Visual Domination:

A woman wearing the right outfit can turn a man on faster than anything else. There is no cookie cutter outfit a woman should wear and it really depends on what her partner is interested in. A classic female domination look is a black latex catsuit and for good reason. The black makes her look authoritative and no-nonsense while the latex is sexy and has a hint of naughtiness and danger to it. You don’t have to wear something like that if you’re not comfortable with it, the idea is more to look at what you’re wearing and see what emotions it produces. Darker colors look more serious and can create a more sensual mood then bright colors. Clothing is just one part of visual domination. Eye contact is also a good way to let a man know who’s in charge. Men are used to being the ones in control and having a woman act subservient to him. It’s intimidating to him when a woman stands right in front of him with her back straight and looks him right in the eyes. ┬áMotions can also be a visual domination cue for men. Instead of wasting your time telling him where to stand or kneel simply point your finger and look at him with expectation. It may take a few times before he’s used to doing it but once he gets in the habit of it he’ll know what you want and will obey. If you’re using toys during a play session then you can use these as a visual aid. Playing with a dildo? Silently compare the size of it to him and let him know you’re disappointed in what he has by flashing him a frown. Using a whip? Hold it in one hand and play with the other hand using your fingertips before letting it unfurl slowly. Give it a crack and watch him jump at the sudden sound. Whenever you’re dominating a man make sure you move with authority so he knows you’re the one in charge.

Physical Domination:

Men can only fantasize about something for so long before they need to experience it. Knowing when and how to touch them is an important part of play. If you’re doing impact play like smacking or spanking then it’s best to let the pain build. Start off with soft smacks and gradually move to harder ones.

Ball Binding:

You can use rope to bind them and you can bind the balls together or individually. Start at the base and wind the rope downwards until you get about halfway down his balls. If you want to bind them individually then start at the base of his dick, wrap the rope around it and move the rope to his balls. Wrap it around one ball then cross to the other ball, wrapping around that one. Criss-cross back and forth between the balls two or three times then make a knot in the rope to top it from coming undone. The more criss-crosses you make the tighter it will be, so stop when he says it’s not too uncomfortable and make sure the knot is one that can be quickly and easily undone. This is a great way to increase what the man is feeling because it increases blood flow to their balls which makes them more sensitive. It also stops them from having an orgasm. To use this sensitivity to your advantage you can do different activities with him and see how much pain he can take. You could hold his balls in the palm of your hand and lightly bounce them, rub your fingernails over them or lightly smack them with a ruler. Don’t leave the binding on for too long or do it too tightly because it may cause damage.

Prostate Milking:

There are two ways to do this: internally and externally. It can also be one with the people facing each other or by the man being down on all fours with the woman behind him. Internally and facing each other is the most intimate way of doing it and it allows the woman to keep eye contact with her man as she milks him. If doing it this way he needs to be sitting down and leaning back as well as being able to pull his knees up to his chest. You will slowly insert your finger and when you’re in will give him time to get used to the feeling. You will then curl your finger upwards and slowly feel around for a small bump. When you’ve found it you will start to put pressure on it in different amounts, going soft to firm. This will make him feel like he is about to orgasm and you can control the amount of pressure you use. To make him orgasm you can either keep milking the prostate until he does it or you can use your other hand to give him a hand job. It’s best to use latex gloves with lube because it helps to avoid the spread of germs and fingernails may cause small cuts in him which can get infected. It’s normal for there to be a lot of pre-cum since there’s so much pressure on the prostate.

After Orgasm Sensitivity:

The dickhead is very sensitive after a man gets to an orgasm and this can be a fun way to add some torture into sex. When he’s lying there breathless and tired you can prolong your fun but slowly rubbing your thumb around his head or use a fingernail if he likes pain. A fleshlight can be used to keep jerking him off and he’ll be whimpering in pain as his sensitive dickhead gets stroked at your speed. To make it even worse for him you could restrain his arms and legs so he can’t move away from you.


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