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Male Masturbation Toys

Male Masturbation Toys

What Are Male Masturbation Toys? Despite the belief that every man masturbates, masturbation has served as self-satisfaction with a bad reputation for more than 3,000 years. Religious restrictions about of Orthodox Judaism to Buddhism...

choose the best vibrator

How To Choose The Best Vibrator

You finally decided to spice up you life with a vibrator – good for you! The choice of a vibrator depends only on your personal preferences. But before buying a vibrator, we recommend that...

choose anal beads

Anal Beads Beginners Guide

What are anal beads and how to use them? When choosing intimate toys for yourself, sooner or later your gaze falls on a variety of anal stimulators. One of the most common and most...

Prostate Massager Beginners Guide (P-Spot Massager)

Prostate Massager Beginners Guide (P-Spot Massager)

Prostate massager is a new generation of male sex toys that in addition to prostate stimulation, brings male pleasure to the new levels and causes orgasms of unbelievable pleasure. In this article, we’ll talk...

anal plugs

My Anal Plug And Me – Guide for Anal Fun

Anal Plugs, also known as butt plugs are a specific form of sex toys inserted into the anus, the design resembles a cone: it’s narrow but widens towards the base. The main objective is...

cock rings

Cock Rings Guide for Ultimate Pleasure

Cock rings (penis rings) are one of those rare sex toys that are exclusively designed for men. They can be used for medical reasons (for example– erectile dysfunction) or just for adding your sexual...