Best Sex Toys for an Amazing Orgasm – Sex Toys You Can’t Afford Not to Have


Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can not only spice up the sex but also help deliver a better orgasm. I will try to bring you the best toys from my personal experience in order to upgrade your sex life to the levels of pleasure you couldn’t even imagine.

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can not only spice up the sex but also help deliver a better orgasm. I will try to bring you the best toys from my personal experience in order to upgrade your sexual life.

Recent surveys show that most people agree that vibrators are a healthy part of a woman’s sex life (time to get over the idea that bringing one into the bedroom will freak him out!). What’s more, women who had used a vibrator in the past month reported having higher levels of arousal, lubrication and sexual satisfaction in general, and lower levels of pain during sex, than those women who hadn’t used sex toy lately.

Many women don’t experience orgasms from penetration alone (some surveys even suggest that this number is as high as 50% of women!), and adding a vibrator to intercourse can be the difference between just pleasant time and an amazing orgasmic experience. And adding a vibrator to everyday couple’s experience can entirely change women’s sexual satisfaction, and this is something that should interest a male partner not less than the woman herself.

Chances are, you already have a favorite stimulating toy, but trying a new model or even lubricant type can bring new energies into your bedroom. In everyday life we become addicted to a habit we develop – we know exactly what position, what level of pressure, what amount of force, and the depth of sensation in order to make us cum. Toys, lubricants, and other arousing accessories can refresh your orgasm, helping you discover new positions and sensations you’ve never known could feel so great.

Let’s take a look on a couple of best sex toys and accessories that will turn your sexual life upside down.

Best Sex Toys for Women Solo-Action Pleasure

Of course if you ask tens of women what is their favorite toy, every individual will have his own favorite toy and it’s very difficult to finger one best sex toy. I share with you only my personal thoughts and feeling that come only from my own and my friends’ experience.


Lelo Gigi 2 Pleasure Object

Lelo Gigi 2 Pleasure Object

G-Spot Vibrator Gigi 2 by Lelo – for much deeper sensations

After trying numerous numbers of vibrators, Gigi 2 vibrator from Lelo does the best work for me. I’m not saying that there aren’t other great vibrators, but for me this sexy and stylish looking and unbelievably quiet vibrator delivers the best G-Spot stimulation. Gigi 2 is made from body safe 100% silicone with no harmful chemicals. It has many vibration modes with different power levels to give you the best personal sensation. You can find this premium vibrator at Adam&Eve here. If you’d like to try another great g-spot vibrator that is less pricy, you might wanna try Supersex G-Spot vibrator from the sex expert Tracey Cox. This waterproof g-spot vibrator has many powerful functions to give your g-spot the full pleasure it deserves. You can find it at Adam&Eve here for only $35.


Lelo Insignia Soraya rabbit vibrator

Lelo Insignia Soraya rabbit vibrator

Best Rabbit Vibrator Lelo’s Insignia Soraya – a “Must” Item in Every Woman’s Pleasure Kit

I want to introduce you not classic looking rabbit vibrator, but if you ask me – the best one. Lelo’s Insignia Soraya luxury in every way rabbit vibrator is a waterproof dual action vibrator that will bring you to unbelievable orgasm levels by stimulating both your clitoris and G-spot. Stylish and smooth design make this beautiful toy the leader of rabbit vibrators. Now, let’s say something about the price. Yes, it’s expensive! But I think that in this case you can’t miss. The pleasure levels you will reach with this Insignia Soraya toy worth the price. You can buy your personal Insignia Soraya vibrator here (adam&eve).

If you decide to go for a cheaper rabbit vibrator, there is another premium rabbit you might love and it’s for a great price too. It’s called Happy Rabbit 2 vibrator. It’s made of skin-safe silicone and an unbelievable number of 15 vibration modes will stimulate both your clitoris and G-spot to bring you to unbelievable sensations. You won’t be disappointed. Find your Happy rabbit 2 USB rechargeable here at Lovehoney.


Supersex Glass Dildo Set

Supersex Glass Dildo Set by expert Tracey Cox

Supersex Glass Dildo Set by Tracey Cox – Pefect for Temperature Play

If you are looking for a glass dildo, this set of two dildos is exactly what you need. What I like the most in these dildos, and glass adult toys in general, it’s the durability. They can last forever with minimal maintenance and that alone makes the price of the dildo worthwhile. Glass doesn’t go ‘bad’ after long use like rubber. It only needs a quick clean after each use to look exactly like it looked when you bought it. These two glass dildos in the set take durability to a very high level. These two dildos are smooth and super-strong, so you can be confident that it won’t break in peaces if it slips from your hands. You can find this amazing set of glass dildos here at Lovehoney to upgrade your next orgasm.


Best Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Supersex Bullet Vibrator by Tracey Cox – The Best Bullet Vibrator

This small super compact toy with beautiful design will make you fall in love right away. It’s so small that it fits into your bag to make a perfect companion for travels. This amazing bullet vibrator won a reward in UK sex toys rewards for its beautiful discreet size and design. For those of you who like stronger vibrations, you can try using Supersex 7 function bullet vibrator with seven powerful patterns that will make your clit go wild. Both Supersex vibrators model are waterproof so you can pleasure yourself in a shower as well. Find your baby bullet vibrator here at lovehoney.


magic wand original - best wand massager

magic wand original massager

Original Magic Wand Massager – Best Wand Massager

It used to be called Hitachi Magic Wand in the past, but Hitachi decided to take down their brand name from adult toy. Oh,well… What I mean to say that I absolutely love this sex toy and not only me. It is one of the better known vibrators in the world and is an absolute bestseller in America. This premium toy comes with number of attachments for every goal, which makes this wand massager great for every sexual need you might have some day. You can find it here at A&E. But I recommend this powerful toy with WARNING: it’s definitely won’t fit girls who need delicate touch who love their clit be touched with soft and slow care. This Magic wand massager suits much more women who have to work hard to get to climax. I actually heard women say something like: “I almost fell off the bed when the lower of two speeds touched me. If you like soft and gentle massage, this toy isn’t for you.”

For you, who need much more delicate massage I advice to try Supersex Silicone Wand Vibrator by Tracey Cox with 10 functions that will give you the pleasure intensity you need. It’s made from hypoallergenic silicone and has 7 patterns and 3 speeds of vibration to give you the climax you need. You can find it here at Lovehoney.

Best Adult Toys for a couple pleasure


best couples vibrator - we-vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 vibrator

The New We-Vibe 4 Plus – The Best Sex Toy for Couples

Many will say that this is the best sex toy for couples at this time. This sex toy is recommended by many experts, so you might want to try that in couple for great sensations for the both of the partners. Adult toys experts recommend the We-Vibe 4, a toy designed specifically for couple’s pleasure. The device is worn by the female, but both of you can feel every sensation and vibration. And, while most vibrators leave the man out of the picture, the We-Vibe 4 has a remote control so he can take a more active role by using the buttons to tease the partner. This amazing toy is great both for the clitoral and G spot stimulation! You will be amazed by 6 vibration modes and 10 more intensity levels of vibrations. This waterproof luxury toy will spice up yours and your partners life and bring your orgasms to new ecstasy levels.


Best vibrating cock ring for couples

Vibrating Cock Ring for Couples

Supersex Vibrating Cock Ring by Tracey Cox – Ultimate Pleasurel for Both Partners

Penis ring is supposed to be a sex toy for men, but with clit pleasure ticklers and multiple speed of vibrations this waterproof small ring will drive her crazy while making the male partner harder and last longer. The price differences between premium penis rings and “regular” rings can be quite huge. You decide what you can afford, but there is no doubt that the materials quality and the esthetics of design can make a difference when you decide which sex toy you buy for yourself or your partner. Supersex vibrating ring by Tracey Cox will give both partners unbelievable moments of lasting pleasure. This USB rechargeable baby with 5 speeds of vibration will thrill penis, testicles and clitoris simultaneously to bring both partners thrilling sex and orgasm. You can find this great toy here at lovehoney.


Best Butt Plug

Crystal Jellies Anal Trainer Kit

Anal Sex Toys for Best “Backdoor” Action – Crystal Jellies Butt Plug by Doc Johnson

Don’t leave out your butt; it can be a very important part in your sex exploration. During orgasm, the anal sphincters also relax and contract. Using an anal plug can put pressure against the internal structure of the clitoris and provide stimulation during intercourse that includes penetration. You can choose many different kinds of butt plugs, starting from not expensive and good butt plugs that cost tens of dollars, and if you can afford more premium anal plug, you might find many luxury examples for more than $100.

From my personal experience, I’ll tell you that: if you have unlimited budget and no money issues, you can definitely buy any one out of luxury butt plugs out there and feel great. But, if you do have a limited budget, I strongly advice to try Crystal Jellies Anal Kit by Doc Johnson. This Anal kit contains two jelly material ribbed for more stimulation butt plugs is an absolute bestseller in the US. These two butt plugs provide great penetration especially for novice users of anal toys. You can find these Crystal Jellies buttplugs here at Adam&Eve and start really enjoying your anal play.


Use Lubricants for Dryness

Don’t be afraid or shy to use lubes if you are sometimes dry down there (especially for anal play), it’s perfectly fine and it won’t hurt your partner’s self esteem. It will only make your contact with your partner more smooth and pleasant for the both of us. Water based lubes might cause less irritations than silicone might, so they are more recommended. If you are sensitive or had some irritations in the past, you might want to try lubes that are made only from organic and natural ingredients; there are even edible lubes these days. Don’t be afraid to ask.

I wrote this review about the best sex toys from my personal experience. I experienced many sexual adventures and tried many sex toys that upgraded my sex life in couple of levels, but there is no such thing as too much experience. We live only one time, as I last checked and we live to experience and learn new things. Don’t be afraid; open the door to new sexual experiences.





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