My Anal Plug And Me – Guide for Anal Fun

anal plugs

anal plugsAnal Plugs, also known as butt plugs are a specific form of sex toys inserted into the anus, the design resembles a cone: it’s narrow but widens towards the base. The main objective is to stimulate the nerve endings located in the anus. 

Using the anal plug is a great foreplay to anal sex or it can be a great pleasurable addition during masturbation. With anal plug, both men and women are able to really know pleasure during sex, which resembles to an explosion of dynamite. That is how epic and powerful orgasms can be. In addition to this, men can use it to massage the prostate. Many people don’t like to just buy anus “extenders” to use before sex, but also want to have fun on the presence of sex toys. For those who want to experience pleasure at all stages in their sexual games, vibrating anal plug is a great solution. It makes any anus penetration unforgettable as it massages the wall and affects the erogenous points.

Lovers perform experiments of all kinds, and a set of anal plugs provides great benefits and bliss. Using every time a plug of a different size will help you experience new sensations each time.

So, What Really Are Anal Plugs Good For

Preparing Yourself for Anal Sex with Anal Plug

Slowly work on your anus with your anal plug using very large amount of lubricant. For such purposes, you need a set of anal plugs with different diameters and length. You should start with the smallest butt plugs and when the biggest can go in without discomfort, you are ready for anal sex with penis involved this time.

Double Penetration

Simultaneous vaginal (with help of a partner or dildo) and anal stimulation: by filling the anus with a plug, both partners feel that vagina becomes much narrower, and this narrow feeling enhances your sensations and orgasm.

What plug is most suitable for double penetration? A soft, compact average diameter anal plug with extra curves (a good plug would be plug that imitates small penis and a vibrating anal plug would be an additional bonus).

Anal Plug for Standard Anal Sex Games

Butt Plug is an ideal solution for entertainment alone or in the company of your partner.

What plug is most suitable? A long, firm medium diameter butt plug with a comfortable handle will be the best.

Prostate (P-point) Stimulation

A man who at least once knew what anal stimulation felt like will never give it up. It provides absolutely different sensations than regular sex such as super intense orgasm, fast erections, and harder blood-filled penis, which therefore slightly increases in size. Butt plugs for men and women are virtually indistinguishable: some couples love anal plugs so much that they use them together in traditional sex. What plug is most suitable – thick anal plug that has a curved shape in the right place.

Individual Anal Practicing

Preparing for anal sex and expanding the anus, this can be practiced alone.

Narrowing the Vagina

Due to physiological features or postpartum, many couples cannot get pleasure because of too big a distance between the walls of the vagina. Butt plugs allow you to narrow the vagina by filling space from anal canal.

What plug is most suitable? Same one used for double penetration, only with a larger diameter and length.

For Longer Wearing

There is a mass of options here. One is the cork because it’s just nice and is suitable for many different types of preferences. For instance, some people are so accustomed to anal penetration that without traffic jams, they feel discomfort and void. Others use plugs in order to practice anal muscles. Another option is wearing the cork to increase sexual desire, so to speak, so the partner or lady is always excited and ready for action. In this case, the plug is used as a kind of prelude.

What plug is most suitable – a short silicone anal plug with an average diameter and length, thin base. It’s important that end of the cork does not restrict your freedom of movement or it’s not seen under the dress. The smoother and straighter the plug, its diameter is smaller and has more weight, the harder to hold it inside your anus and it is good especially for those who enjoy anal practice.

How To Use Anal Plugs

  1. Remember the golden rule of anal sex: using lubricant. Additional lubrication creates a better slide, which will make the entrance of anal plug much easier (this is especially critical for beginners in order not to ruin their first experience).
  1. Choose a comfortable position
    1. standing on all fours (doggy style)
    2. lying on back with legs apart and your back lying on a small pillow
  1. In order to comply with elementary rules of hygiene, you should always wear a condom on plug before it is entering to anus. Before each use, make sure to clean sex toys.
  1. You must enter slowly and try to use minimum force. If the first attempt does not work, you need to relax or do some breathing exercises, then try to enter with the anal plug again.
  1. Once the plug is a couple of inches inside, relax the muscles and let it slip out of the anus by itself. Repeat several times, constantly entering plug deeper and deeper. Let your body get used to the foreign body.

Vibrating anal plugs are very popular and can be adjusted via remote control. It should be entered to your anus slowly and with low vibration.

In addition to the vibrating anal plugs, inflatable plugs made of elastic latex are also becoming gradually popular among connoisseurs of experiments in sex. First, you have to enter the anus in a not inflated condition, and with a hand pump, slowly inflate it (in inflated condition the diameter of the plug can be doubled).

How to Choose Anal Plug

Regarding the choice of toys, there may be some problems if a person is new to this concept, as their variety is huge. But in any case, there are three main important points you need to pay attention to before and when buying an anal toy.

  1. Size of Your Anal Plug

Their sizes vary widely. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the smallest size (similar   to thickness of two fingers) and habituation will gradually become comfortable. Form of your plug, for the first time, needs to fit your anatomically. More refined shapes and sizes suitable for further experimentation and deeper disclosure of the organism. You can stop increasing the size of your plug when it is similar to your sex partner penis size.

  1. Anal Plug Shape

The choice of shape depends on purpose of its use. For example, if a man wants to use it to massage his prostate, he will need to choose a special kind of curved plug.

3. What Material is My Plug Made Of

Basically, sex toys are made from silicone, rubber, metal, and sometimes even wood. As a rule, each material has both pros and cons. Despite the variety of sex toys, the most popular and enjoyable today are still made of soft material, rather than solid, because the risk of injuring yourself is reduced to a minimum.

Lubrication of Anal Plugs

Anus does not release enough natural lubrication, so the anal plug should be generously lubricated before use. If you enjoy long wearing of your plug, you must have the lubricant with you in order to renew the lubrication of the toy during the day. For convenience, use the lubricant that is not water based because – it stays lubricated much longer that the water base lubricant.

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