Anal Beads Beginners Guide

choose anal beads

choose anal beadsWhat are anal beads and how to use them?

When choosing intimate toys for yourself, sooner or later your gaze falls on a variety of anal stimulators. One of the most common and most frequently used adult toys are anal beads. 

Why do we need anal beads?

Thai beads – also called anal beads – can be a source of additional sexual pleasure or a means to achieve orgasm. This toy is equally well suited for lovers who are experienced in anal caresses and those who are just experiencing their first anal trials.

Anal beads can be used not only as a stimulant, but also as a preparation for anal sex, to stretch and relax the sphincter (anus) muscles. In this case, pay attention to the models with balls of different diameter on the same chain. Also interesting is the chain with vibration for additional stimulation.

What do anal beads look like?

Anal beads are balls or beads strung on a flexible or rigid stem. The beads can be of various sizes – from the smallest with diameter of 1.27 cm (0.5 inch) to the largest of 4 cm (1.5 inch) for beginners. Of course there are even huge sizes of 2-3 inches, but unless you’re super advanced anal action lover, it’s not recommended to go there. Chains are made of silicone, latex, secure rubber, plastic, and even glass. There may be beads of the same or different sizes in one chain, and usually there is a convenient ring, lock or string at the end of the base. Beads themselves may have either smooth or corrugated surface.

Simple chains are recommended for beginners: a base of medium hardness and smooth balls made of silicone or latex. You can also purchase a set of anal beads with different diameters – for future use when you feel more comfortable.

How to use anal beads?

  1. Make sure that your position during penetration is as relaxed and comfortable as possible: you can put a pillow under your lower back; buttocks should be relaxed.
  2. Use additional means to avoid injuries: don’t forget a silicone or water based lubricant, depending on the bead material. It’s recommended to apply lubricant on beads and on the sides of the anus.
  3. Do not rush! Enter balls gradually, slowly and carefully.
  4. The most convenient way is to use the chain for games within a couple – anal stimulation is equally enjoyable for both women and men. In the first case, it allows to get a stronger uterine orgasm, in the second – additional pleasure of prostate stimulation.
  5. Chains have comfortable rings or strings at the base that don’t allow them to fully sink into the anus. If there are none, carefully monitor how many balls have been inserted.
  6. You can take out the chain during orgasm to strengthen it as well as before and after it. It depends on your preference. Experiment!

 How to take care of anal beads?

  • Since anal beads are a reusable toy, you must follow some rules to keep them in proper and hygiene form:
  • Choose the right lubricant – silicone or water based. Exceptions are glass beads – you can use any lubricant.
  • After use, always wash the beads with warm soapy water and treat with an antiseptic for intimate toys.
  • Manufacturers recommend using anal beads with a condom, since cleaning ribbed beads may cause some difficulties.
  • Beads can be stored in any convenient place, but remember that silicone and latex don’t like direct sunlight.
  • It’s not advisable to share your personal anal beads since this would require a thorough disinfection or sterilization of the toy, provided its material permits it.

And the most important thing to remember, that this whole experience is there to boost your stimulation and pleasure levels. If this makes you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t continue doing it, because it will just ruin the whole sexual experience for you.


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