About Us

Hi, welcome to our place – the place, where you can feel completely comfortable to share your wildest dreams and desires. We have only one goal – to bring your sensations and levels of pleasure to much much higher levels than you’ve ever experienced. We want you to feel completely free to experiment new things that you could never have imagined in order to get to the next levels of pleasure. Trust us, after you get to higher levels of sexual sensations, you won’t be able to go back to your “previous” regular life. Our Pleasure Kit is exploding from huge amount of precious advice and tips. You will find adult toys reviews, guides how to use them, news about anything that can improve your sexual experience with your partner or even solo.

My name is Lisa and my partner’s name is Chris. We are together 12 years and our sex is only getting better and better. How you ask? The answer is simple – FREEDOM. Freedom to feel, freedom to experience, freedom to learn new things and freedom to embrace new sensations and may be trying things that used to be taboos. We experienced many partners in our younger years, but then the sex was only casual with no meaning. Only when we discovered each other and both decided to discover pleasures that we only heard and read about.

My Pleasure Kit was really created with hope to create small and intimate place where everyone can share their deepest desires without being embarrassed or judged and where we can all learn from each other’s sexual experience. We will share with you our own thoughts, desires, advice and tips for better sexual wellbeing and hope that you will be brave enough to share yours as well.

Great to see that you joined us,