5 Things That Women Really Hate in Bed

I believe that no man would be proud if he was called a “boring lover”, and no woman would like to spend her life or even just one night with a “player” with such reputation. Therefore, we are here to help you with some tips on how to avoid having such a “label” on your back. Here are five things that women really hate in their sex lives.

Do not be too conservative in bed

Try not to be your parent in bed. Phrases like “Can I?” are not sexy. They just kill the desire and libido in seconds. A good lover knows how to let a woman know his next step and how to prepare her for it with no questions asked. Sometimes it’s enough just to look at your partner “as she’s naked” or to apply sensual contact with your lovers’ body to give her a signal for sex.

“Just having Mechanical Sex” 

Most women would agree that sex without passion or emotion is boring, just a waste of time and energy. You won’t find a woman that wants to be used like “an inflatable woman” (perhaps there are very few exceptions). I’m not saying that all your sex experiences should be WOW and unforgettable, but just do not ignore the fact that every woman wants to be a “woman”, and this is something that is worth remembering. Be sensitive and do not only have sex with your partner, but try “making love” to her – you’ll find your partner “making love” with you back.

Boring and Monotonous Sex Routine

If your partner is already familiar with every crack in your ceiling – you might have a problem there. But there is no reason to panic yet. A simple change of places for sex might do miracles for both you and your partner. Try to do it in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, in your car or even on the beach (of course, try to find a place without spectators), the possibilities are infinite. The feeling of adventure will break the boredom of your sex routine and you’ll both enjoy sex again. Use your imagination.

Moaning and talking too much during sex

Moaning too loud or too quiet is annoying to women. Silence is also not an option. You have to play careful. Try to find a “common ground” and express your feelings to your company but do not wake the neighbors along the way. Also try not to use the same words all the time during sex, try to find phrases to say like how much she looks sexy, how great she is in bed, and you certainly do not have to repeat the same three words, which we all are so afraid of.

Unwillingness to try new things

If you are in a long-term relationship, do not be afraid to experiment. The sex life becomes dull, and there are a lot of things you can do about it. Try different positions, role playing, let your fantasies go wild. Do what you want, as long as your partner agrees with it, and as longs as it will spice up your love life. Talk about your fantasies with your partner over a good glass of wine; you will be surprised how quickly they can become a reality.

Women do not seek for Casanova in every man. Just keep in mind that the opposite of “boring” is exciting and unpredictable, so if you’re trying to surprise your partner occasionally, your relationship will blossom and both of you will be happy.